To Tell The Truth About Who The Real Biden Harris Really Are.

Communist Party USA Endorses Biden-Harris Ticket

The Founder and Leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA Bob Avakian, endorses Joe Biden for President.

Riots and Looting

Joe Biden’s Response To The Riots And Looting

Joe Biden’s own staffers donated money to bail out arrested rioters in Minneapolis and elsewhere. Kamala Harris made a plea on social media to donate money to support bailing out arrested rioters. While the buildings were burning, businesses were being looted, and attacks on our police and our citizens were occurring, the Marxists set up autonomous zones AKA: anarchy zones and demanded to defund the police.

Kamala Harris Promotes Riots.

Kamala Harris appears to threaten that the lawlessness will not stop. Both she and Joe Biden have protested with the de-fund the police anarchists.

Illegal Immigration

Biden And Harris Want To Provide Free Everything To Illegal Immigrants

In addition to giving free everything to illegal immigrants, Biden and Harris want to support sanctuary cities, removing cash bail for arrested felons, amnesty for illegal immigrants, voting rights for felons and to eliminate gang databases. How will this make us safer? How will this protect our neighborhoods?

Stone Cold Corruption

Joe Biden Using Tax Payer Dollars In A Quid Pro Quo With Ukraine Officials

Joe Biden threatens to withhold taxpayer dollars from Ukraine unless one of their prosecutors is fired. The prosecutor is investigating the energy company that his son Hunter served on the board of directors for. The prosecutor was fired, the tax payer money was released and the investigation into the company that his son worked for ended. Sounds like quid pro quo, stone cold corruption.


Biden Promises To Eliminate Trump Tax Cuts

Biden promises to confiscate more of your bank account. What will he do with your money? Send It to China and Ukraine for more kickbacks? Calling Hunter Biden, Come In Hunter! Daddy CornPop Needs You Once More!

Harris Wants To Remove The Trump Tax Cuts And Sink The Middle Class!

Harris and Biden want to attack our 401k’s, our take home pay and our pursuit of our happiness.

Second Amendment

Joe Biden Wants To Confiscate Your Guns

Sleepy Joe promises to implement a firearms law that is already on the books. He doesn’t know the law and he is unwilling to enforce it. Biden has named Beto O’Rourke his gun Czar.

Harris Promotes “Mandatory” Gun Buy Back

During the presidential debates, Kamala Harris states she would forego the U.S. Congress and implement a “mandatory” gun buy back by executive fiat. Where exactly did Ms. Harris go to law school?

Biden on the Military

Biden Insults The Military

Joe Biden has no respect for our military troops.

The Election

Biden Lacks Conviction! Biden Knows He Will Not Beat Trump.

Between all the “media lids”, “early bedtimes”, and “thinking out loud without a filter”, Biden acknowledges he lacks conviction of his winning the election. He “throws in the towel” as he agrees that he will “probably not” win.


Joe Biden Is Fully Committed To China’s Prosperity And the Chinese Communist Party.

Why is sleepy Joe so committed to the economic prosperity of China? Why did he engineer the massive job exodus from the U.S. to China? Joe Biden has promised to undo President Trump’s trade agreements that made America great again.

Democrats Attacking The Supreme Court

They will not be honest with their plans to increase the number of U.S. Supreme Court Justices to resemble a NFL team roster. They not only avoid answering the question they clearly state why they refuse to answer the question. They do not want anyone talking about it…HUH!!!

Biden will pack the Supreme Court.

Kamala Harris Refuses To Answer The Question If She Would Pack The Supreme Court

Harris and Sleepy Joe will pack the Supreme Court.


Joe Biden Will Eliminate Fracking

Joe Biden will eliminate fracking.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Kamala Harris:

Biden Quotes Chinese Communist Dictator Mao Zedong

Biden said: “There’s an old expression attributed to the Chinese years ago. It said, ‘Women hold up half the sky.’ Guess what? the reason no country will be able to compete for world economic prominence unless they fully engage the women in their society.”

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