What does Joe Biden really stand for?

Find out what Joe Biden really believes in these telling videos. Higher taxes, less freedom, and a bigger deficit. This is the real Joe Biden.

Illegals Before Citizens

Biden promises NO DEPORTATIONS in his first 100 days in office! He wants to roll back all the great work Trump has done to keep this country safe by incentivizing more illegal immigrants to come into this country. He has also pledged to give illegal immigrants healthcare and other benefits.

Joe Biden May Work For China

China has invested heavily in Biden family businesses while he continues to say that China is not a competitor to the United States. Hunter Biden has also invested in a facial recognition software that China uses to spy on its citizens and abuse the minority Uyghur population.

Eliminating Border Walls

Biden has pledged to stop work on the border wall, import two million immigrants overnight, and work to increase that number by being more lenient on illegal immigrants coming into this country.

Supporting Sanctuary Cities

During the Democratic debates Biden supported sanctuary cities and promised not to deport illegal immigrants that were arrested by the police.

No Student Debt, Higher Taxes

Joe Biden promises to give each college graduate ten-thousand dollars in debt relief, costing American taxpayers upwards of three-hundred billion! How much will he have to raise your taxes to get this done?

Expanding Obamacare

Joe Biden wants to expand Obamacare which he estimates will cost 750 billion dollars! He says it will cost less but where is he getting that money? Your wallet.

Biden Supports Abortion

Biden continues to stand behind the pro-choice movement! He believes that anyone has the “right” to an abortion if they so choose.

Defunding the Police

Video’s of him supporting each of these things will go here along with a short description of each video underneath, same as on the main page.

More Democrats in the Supreme Court

Biden doesn’t want Trump to appoint another justice to the Supreme Court. If he’s successful and wins the election, then there will be more leftists in the Supreme Court! We cannot allow Joe Biden to become president.

Threatening The Second Amendment

Joe Biden is adamant about taking away your guns making you unable to protect yourself and your family. He has promised to ban assault weapons, limiting the number of bullets in a clip, and make it more difficult to get guns that he deems “acceptable”.

Attacking Investments and 401Ks

Joe Biden wants to slow the growth of the economy by placing additional taxes on stocks. This will hurt your retirement savings! If that wasn’t bad enough he also wants to raise taxes for everyone.

More Taxes for Everyone

Biden has pledged to raise taxes for almost every person in America in order to pay for things like healthcare for illegal immigrants, free college, and climate change “action”.

More Taxes for Businesses

Joe Biden also wants to make it harder to run a business by raising taxes on corporations and punishing the successful. If you run a business you make less money and if you buy from businesses they’ll raise prices, it’s a lose lose!