The Real Biden and Harris

OBiden and Harris are calling Voter ID Laws and election integrity
“Election Suppression”! Why?
Voter ID Laws and election integrity is a threat to their voter fraud organization.
* Ensuring only eligible voters are voting is “Election Integrity” not “suppression”.
* Preventing ineligible voters from voting is “Election Security”, not “suppression”

To avoid campaign finance laws, the Zuckerberg money funded two organizations:
1) Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL) and
2) Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR).
They didn’t directly fund elections. 
* It was money paid to establish election systems with a built-in bias from within the election system.
* They worked to change voting systems and laws and to fund Voter ID challenges and lawsuits in the courts.
* They pressured social media companies to appoint censors, executed information campaigns and they used data-driven strategies to silence political opposition.
* They recruited armies of left wing activist poll workers to infiltrate election offices.
* They used these election offices as a platform to implement preferred Administrative practices, voting methods and data sharing agreements as well as to launch intensive outreach campaigns in particular selected communities.
* They got the election laws suspended: They illegally extended deadlines for mail in ballots and eliminated chain of custody requirements. They further illegally enacted ballot curing, bulk mailings and yes even community outreach programs staffed by communist activists.
* These organizations staffed by these communists are electioneering fraud and ballot harvesting from mail in ballots that were received days later, to be illegally counted as votes.

Two such organizations:
* Vote Navigators in Wisconsin assisted voters at the front doors, and assisted in ballot curing for mail in ballots and even served as witnesses for ballot signatures.
* Happy Faces in Georgia (a Stacey Abrams group) was a temporary staffing agency that counted ballots in Atlanta where video of ballots being pulled out from under the table to be counted after the Republicans were evacuated for a water leak.

What kind of nation do the WOKE-globalist policy makers produce and then deny it: high Inflation- nation, open borders nation, energy shortage -nation, high crime-nation, high illiteracy-nation, and high misery-nation.

Biden on Midterms

O’Biden stated that “We the People” in the Constitution means “We the Government” HUH!

What does Surrender look like?

With every surrender there are terms of the surrender that the victor imposes on the loser. These terms are accepted by the loser, or there is no surrender. In WWII we had terms defined by us and accepted by both Japan and Germany.

In Afghanistan O’Biden had the terms of surrender written by the Taliban Terrorists.

These include:
*  Getting the military out now and ending the air support and logistic support of the Afghanistan army. 
*  Turning over a list of Americans and Afghanistan supporters to the Taliban Terrorists. A KILL List.
*  Turning over the air base 
*  Turning over 100 billion in military equipment
*  Turning over security of the airport to the Taliban
*  Turning over hundreds of millions of dollars

How do the different Governments stack up?

You have two cows, give one cow to your neighbor
You have two cows. Give both cows to the government and they may give you some milk
You have two cows. You give all the milk to the Government, the government sells the milk
You have two cows. The government shoots you and takes both cows
You have two cows. You keep both cows, shoot the Government agent, and steal another cow. 
You have two cows. Sell one and buy a bull! Grow the herd!

O’Biden’s attack on family plan

*  End Private Healthcare
*  Double gas prices at the pump
*  Indoctrination Nation early with Government paid preschool
*  Bidenflation reduces the buying power of Americans: Consumer prices rising and increasing faster and higher now than at any 9 month period in the last 35 years.  
*  Crime Wave: Ending cash bails on criminals ensures that those arrested for commiting a crime will be released into our communities until their court date and trial.
*  Mandatory Vaccines (except on illegal migrants) 
*  Mandatory Masks (except on illegal migrants) 
*  Open Borders, releasing hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants into our communities who may be infected with diseases.
*  Adding hundreds of thousands of people to the welfare system. 
*  Adding hundreds of thousands of destitute people to our communities will likely add to the crime wave. WHY? These people cannot effectively earn money, therefore they resort to crime to get money. 

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